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    Submission Guidelines

    EverythingChic.com would love to hear your shopping tips and store reviews. You are welcome to send articles to us using the contact form but before you do please have a look through our guidelines. We only publish the best articles and we never knowingly publish plagiarized work so save yourself and us some time and read the following first. All editorial submitted to EverythingChic.com must be:
    • your own work;
    • original and not already published anywhere else (it may be previously published on your own site only, please include reference to such with your submission);
    • your unbiased opinions and personal experiences rather than a blatant plug;
    • written in English;
    • well written, spell checked (UK or US depending on where you're from) , with no punctuation or grammatical errors;
    • child-friendly (we will not publish content of an even mildly adult nature);
    • free of any reference that could cause serious offence or be deemed hateful or as intending to incite hatred.
    We reserve the right to edit any articles we decide to publish but full credit, if requested, will always be given. If you would like credit to be given please expressly state such with your submission, namely whether or not you would like your name, email and/or website address to be published with your article. We take no responsibility for any correspondence you may receive from an email and/or website link to your site that you ask us to publish.

    Got all that? Great, now send us that article.

    Submission Guidelines for Website Reviews

    If you think your website is hot enough to be included in our directory give us a shout. Most websites will be asked to include a reference to EverythingChic.com in return for a listing in our directory. This can be done by adding a link to EverythingChic.com on your partners page or, better yet, why not use one of our fantastic editorial articles to add content to your site. Just be sure to give credit where credit is due (um, that means a link to http://www.everythingchic.com ) .

    Please remember that linking to us doesn't necessarily mean we'll include your site. We decide what sites should and shouldn't be included based on their usefulness to our visitors. This is not one of those free for all directories, it's a quality site and we would like to keep it that way. If you still think your site's fashionable enough tell us now.
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