Winter Skin

We dwell so much on the fashion side of things during winter, what coats we should wear, knee high boots or pixie socks, three quarter length sleeves or leather bomber, and although of course these topics are hugely important, we seem to put what we wear every day – our skin – to one side.

Winter is especially harsh on your skin, the changes in temperature from freezing outside to overheated insides, not to mention the damage that wind factor can do equal manky skin.

Now I’m not about to rant on about healthy rubbish, but no one will get to see your repro 60′s Mary Janes if you’re sitting at home with skin that’s flaking. And wearing the new metallic winter eye shadows is pointless if you are putting them on puffy eyes!

Changing temperatures means a change of routine, no matter which part of the world you live in. Knowing a little about how skin functions in the winter, and tweaking a few habits, can make all the difference between a dull winter complexion and glowing radiance. So here some simple tips to follow during winter so that your skin is as gorgeous as your Luis Vitton off the shoulder jacket.

Start the day with a hot shower: but before you get out switch to cold water for about fifteen seconds. Then turn up the heat a little, and down again to repeat the process for about two minutes. “Why would I want to do that?!” I hear you cry! This is a simple hydrotherapy technique which revitalizes the skin by stimulating the flow of blood through the body.

Get Fatty: Fatty acids are one of the best ways possible to protect your skin in the winter, there are several ways you can take them: Eat an Avocado once a week for the essential fatty acids it contains. Take flax seed oil pills or add it to food or drink and/or top your cereal or salad with fresh ground golden flax seeds. Eat wild salmon once a week for the Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Re-evaluate your skin care regime:

Detox and Retox: Take anti-oxidants to protect your skin. These are invaluable for keeping young fresh looking skin.

It’s the time to layer your skin with essential oils, ones containing seawater are great, followed immediately by a rich thick cream. It takes time to be absorbed into your skin, so be patient as it will be worth it.

Use a hydrating gel mask at least 3 times per week to protect your skin from the elements.

Keep your eye cream and lip balm in your hand bag or on your desk and apply it during the day around your eyes and lips. This will protect your skin from the elements.

A lot of skin care damage happens while you sleep: Try not to sleep with the heat on high because of the drying effect that it has on your sinuses and your skin. Use an extra layer of blankets instead.

Use a humidifier for the duration of the winter, but make sure you clean it very often because it could harbour bacteria which can cause acne.

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