What Could You Live Without?

I was having a discussion last night with my flatmate about what we thought we couldn’t possibly live without. My make up counter is larger than Mac’s, and my wardrobe is of a similar size to TK Max, but after long deliberation, I managed to narrow it down. My two choices were jeans and my GHD. If you pushed me on it, I’d give up the jeans.

We all have things we can’t live without and it’s amazing how many of these essential items are relatively new inventions. Here are what I consider to be some of the most important beauty products of the last ten years:

Lipfinity: Lipfinity is one of the few products that actually does what it says on the tin. Lipfinity promises to stay ‘put’ for 8 hours. I’ve woken up many a Sunday morning with Lipfinity still on my lips. I originally put it on on the Saturday morning before heading off four hours of shopping, for two dinners, seven hours clubbing and a cheeky snog. And I’ve still had to brush it off with my toothbrush.

The great thing about Lipfinity is you can wear a lovely gloss over the top and not have to worry about the lipstick bleeding. I’ve been hooked since these came out six years ago and still don’t think that any other brand has quite cracked it.

Lash Architect: Forget the mascaras that paint your lashes white and then you add a second coat of black. Lash Architect is fabulous for both separation and longer lengths. Since I tried this out a couple of years ago I’ve never gone back, although pricey (you don’t get change from a tenner) this lasts longer than most mascaras that I’ve used, so it’s still value for money.

Can you imagine living without bronzer? Sometimes all you need is a bit of that lovely brown shimmer to make you feel delicious and you’re ready to go. The best bronzer I’ve tried is by Mac, it’s got 5 different shades of brown, so you can use it to highlight, or sculpt, or just run the brush lengthways to mix all the colours to your taste.

Leg Make up:
this is a necessity for summer. Legs can look so dreadful, especially if you have broken veins, freckles, circulation spots or even ingrown hairs. Leg make up is a life changer for the summer season, and it means you don’t have to wear horrible tights with sweaty gussets.

It gives you both a lovely brown sheen and a light covering for all your blemishes. The best I think I have tried is Sally Hansen ‘Air brush Legs’. Every time I wear it I feel like a Californian beach babe.

It’s not just us mere mortals that have mandatory items. Celebs the world over have them, and probably use more than we even know existed although the gorgeous Kate Moss, when asked what she couldn’t live without, said ‘mascara and vaseline’. But for the rest of us normal heads, we’ll stick to the products that get us one step closer to looking like a super model.

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