Vintage is the new Black

The craze for yesteryear clothing is going full throttle, we want, need, must have that 1950′s top, 20′ dress or 70′s pair of boots. What your mam threw away we are all fighting over, out bidding each other for or stampeding towards. There are lots of Vintage shops around, areas like London’s Brick lane doesn’t seem to have many shops selling new clothes anymore; you’re literally tripping over vintage wear.

One of my favourites is Beyond Retro, on Cheshire Street, many a Saturday afternoon has been well spent trawling through retro hats, shoes and dresses. I recently bought a red 50′s nightie which I’m now in love with, not for bed of course, for nights out.

On a weekend in Brighton I found some great items as well, they were begging me to take them home; of course I needed that feather covered hat with the berries on top. Odd to think that I would run from a second hand store, afraid of kooties, but join the throngs of women in trying out retro boots that have been worn by someone thirty years ago. There are countless online Vintage shops that you can peruse at your leisure, so get bookmarking.

Of course eBay has a fantastic Vintage section, from antique lace gloves to nineteen eighties neon. Popular items like 60′s mini dresses do tend to go quite high but there is still a bargain to be bagged if you can pip someone to the post. I was recently outbid on a yellow 70′s dress, and if the person that did it is reading this, then a pox on you! I could have been a contender for the next Mrs Law in that dress.

If you can’t bear the thought of trawling through vintage shops or don’t want to get addicted to eBay, there are plenty of reproduction vintage dresses and the like in high street shops. You can still look good and also be certain that your dress is not being haunted by a love bead crazed hippy.

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