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It’s All About Boots

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

I love the winter, really I do. It’s not Christmas, it’s not the snowflakes, it’s not the January sales. It’s my passion for one thing – Boots! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the sandals of the summer just as much as the next girl, but come August, I’m pretty fed up with blisters, painting my toenails, making sure my feet have been shaved (urgh) and I’m ready to slip my tanned feet into some sexual boots.

Now I am a shoe lover of gargantuous proportions. From New look to Mui Mui, I don’t have a favourite brand – I just love shoes! In fact it wasn’t until I had to move house that I got found out for my addiction. When the removal men dropped one of my 15 boxes labeled ‘Scientific Equipment’ and ‘Clever Books’ and 18 little boxes slid out… not revealing more boxes like a Russian doll, but yep, you guessed it. SHOES!!

So what boots am I excited about this winter? Well, boots are still very tall this season, and by tall, I mean long up the leg, knee skimming, even over the knee is definitely in. Pirate is fading away as are over complicated boots, tassles, ties and so forth are taking a back seat, although minimal use is still ok. Cowboys, thank you Jesus, they are still here in a full force. As is wearing your boots over your jeans, which is the best trend to ever hit this side of the Atlantic with our rainy weather… No more going home with jeans sodden up to the thigh as if you’ve been on a fishing trip.

Shoe Trends to Die For (Literally?)

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

For the last couple of seasons, footwear fashion has been kind to us. We’ve had ugg boots which were as comfortable as slippers, pirate boots which you could wear for days without taking off, pumps which you can dance all night in without the need for gel inserts, and roman sandals that never blistered.

Well, it’s payback time! Shoes are calling out for blood and they want it now. It’s the return of the skyscraper heel.

Remember when spike heels came back in? They made us look leaner and sophisticated and we swore blindly that we would never wear another wedge heel. Wedges were dirty, reminded us of the spice girls, and gave us a clunky almost clumsy look. Oh, what a difference a couple of seasons makes. Wedges are firmly back in the stores and back onto our precious feet. (more…)

Cosmetic Surgery for Feet – A Step too Far?

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

We’ve all been there, and on a regular basis. Those gorgeous heels that cost a week’s wages and are puuurfect for your outfit are real foot killers. You end the night limping, bleeding, oozing or going barefoot. It’s the same the world over; women’s shoes just aren’t always made for walking, from the extreme Chinese foot binding customs of olden times to the less drastic 6 inch heels of today.

You do have a few options, you can a: wear comfortable shoes (yeah right) b: get gel inserts to cushion the blow or c: get plastic surgery for your feet.

There are a few different procedures you can opt for, from collagen injections to the balls of your feet to toe amputation to make it easier to fit into your favourite Jimmy Choos. Now some people have problem feet that do need surgery, but there is a difference between that and cosmetic procedures.