The Wonder That is Primark

Seen someone wearing a dress that makes you green with envy, but you’ve got no green in your purse? Are you the kind of girl who prefers to wear new things all the time rather than have a “capsule wardrobe” of high quality but very expensive clothing?

Maybe it’s time you tried Primark. Now, I’m not saying that the quality is amazing, but if like me, you like to treat yourself (and I think I deserve it) to something but your bank manager gets mean about it, it’s definitely worth a try.

They have the new trends in at a fraction of the price, for the cost of one dress in a high street shop you can be lugging home two large bagfuls of swag. 40 quid can get you a couple of outfits, shoes and a bag. Not bad going.

I get lots of compliments about the way I dress, and though I don’t stick to only buying from Primark, a lot of the items I wear are from there.

And accessories! They all seem to be a quid, so it’s pretty much disposable. If you need to jazz an outfit up but only have change in your pocket, this is the place to go to get your necklace, bracelets or earrings.

Now the downside to this is that the smaller sizes to sell out quickly, I hate it when I’m piped to the post. Also it gets extremely busy, so if you go on a Saturday make sure you go early or the queues can be horrendous. My battle plan is to basically go in and do a supermarket sweep. I fill up my basket (or two) to overflowing with everything I like the look/colour of, then off to the changing rooms to try it on.

Now I’m giving away my secrets, I then go to the children’s section to buy my loot, as the queues are generally shorter. After that, go home and try to fit everything in your wardrobe, hmmm, that reminds me, I must have a clear out.

Primark Website

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