The Posh V Kate Debate – Our English Roses

Fashion Icons, women you want to emulate, drop dead gorgeous and dripping with effortless style… Or are they? Is it really as easy as Kate makes it look? Does Vicky Beckham have a team of stylists working round the clock to keep her looking amazing?

If you had the choice, who would you like to be when you grow up? Miss Moss or Mrs. Goldenballs? As for me, it will always be Kate, the goddess, the trendsetter, the girl who brought us skinny jeans! Try to prise mine from me and I’m likely to go feral.

There are some very big differences between Kate and Posh, though you can’t pick up a paper or magazine without seeing at least one of them.

Kate is the uber Supermodel, Posh the former Spice Girl who married a footballer done good. They are both involved in their own fashion lines, with Victoria’s range of VDB jeans, sunglasses, handbags and jewellery and Kate soon to launching one of her own, which I await with baited breath. Both of these lovely ladies have their own style and following, though I feel that Kate has more of a down to earth look we can all try to copy, whereas Posh seems to wear couture which is impossible for mere mortals to achieve.

I love the fact that Moss will be pictured in wellies or falling about after a night out, of course she still looks gorgeous, I would probably be arrested for crimes against beauty if pictured like that. Posh has the polished look, never a hair out of place (we wont go into those extensions), someone who could dine with royalty at a moments notice.

Lets look at their personal lives, both are mothers, with Victoria’s little brood of sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, and Kate’s Lila Grace. Man wise, I’m going to side with Mrs. Beckam, sorry Docherty, I like a man who looks like he washes at least once a fortnight whether he needs it or not.

As for controversy, Kate Moss hasn’t suffered any permanent damage after allegations were made against her causing her to be dropped from labels like H&M and Burberry while can Posh Spice ever be forgiven for her solo pop crimes I mean career?

Posh has gone from one of us to acting like she is too good for the likes of us. Kate is a bit of a grubber with the face and body of an angel, someone you would love to have a giggle with in the ladies on a night out, who could probably drink us under the table and still have perfect lashes. Let me go check the papers and see what she was wearing last night, a bin bag teamed with a cravat?? I must have that outfit!

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