Spring Make Up

Spring has arrived and while you’re updating your wardrobe, chucking out all your Ugg boots and selling them on eBay, spare a thought for your greatest asset – your face. The trends are different, your skin is different, and even the light is different in spring – this all leads to one conclusion – make-up spring clean out and restock.

Lashes are in in in for spring, they need to be as big as possible, layer up as many coats as possible without clumping, they should be separate and lengthy. Believe it or not, if you count the amount of strokes needed to get this look you’d be reaching about 100. So stick with it, it’s worth the effort. If you don’t have the time to achieve this look on a daily basis but have the money to splash out, you could invest in ‘permanent’ false lashes applied individually. They last about a month but are quite pricey (I’ll be sticking to my 100 strokes then).
Fake tanned skin is in again as we come up to summer, but this spring DON’T over bronze! Think more Charlize Therons subtle tones rather than David Dickinson. Instead of using a powder bronzer try layering your fake tan with a light tanning crème set with a tinted moisturizer. The best thing about bronzed skin? You can go light on the rest of your makeup; this look goes perfectly with the large lashes and nude glossy lips. Add in a touch of shimmer. We love the look of shimmer on eyes & cheeks, especially on tanned skin, but again this needs to be kept understated, you don’t want to look like an Abba reject.

One look that has been trying its hardest to come back in for a good couple of years now (and one I swore I would never partake in) is coral lipstick. No longer should you associate it with moth ball smelling cardigans and blue rinses. Coral has been invading the catwalks globally like a pensioner with a free beans coupon. But please, be careful when running the coral route – matte is faux-par, opt instead for glosses that can be applied with the finger so you look as if you’ve just eaten a fresh piece of fruit.

One look that has stayed with us from winter is red. Red lipstick has seen us through those cold winter nights hiding the bluish tinges of frost beneath, and now it’s come through to the other side to tide us through to summer, but again, this should be in the form of stains or glosses, the matte look is so office Christmas do its untrue.

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