Spring Hair

It’s all about hair: its spring time and fresh sexy locks are what’s needed to see us through until summer. Winter is hard enough on your hair, whether the cold has made it brittle and dull, or the moisture has given you an afro that the Jackson 5 would be proud of. Spring is the time to get creative with your barnet and start injecting some ‘ooooooh’ into your look.

UpDos: Get back to your girlhood talents and start braiding. Ponytails and braids are hot, hot, hot. As much as we LOVED the loose bun trend of yester year, it’s purported not to be back this spring, according to Glamour magazine. Like a garland headdress, a single braid woven across the top of the head is nothing if not romantic and it’s a brilliant alternative to hair clips for keeping hair off your face.

This look, coined the “empire braid”, is a favourite of stylists all over the globe. Worn with the rest of the hair down it gives an almost Greek princess feel, while when teamed with a high ponytail the look is much more edgy. This can be so soft and elegant it even makes a sex kitten like Jessica Simpson look grown-up. It’s a most perfect hairstyle to team with this season’s crisp fashion lines.

A trend that has stuck through from winter is waves. Long waves are still hot, while straightening irons are still not. Over-ironed hair has been out now for a couple of seasons and it stays out for spring, many fashionistas preferring the lower maintenance and softer look that waves have to offer. Opt for straight, but full hair with a few loose waves you can get via velcro rollers or winding hair around a full-barreled curling iron.

Oh, and by the way, don’t go cutting your hair into any new short styles. Super long hair is so very Gwyneth and so very now, as long as you keep it trim and in good glossy shape. But if you aren’t naturally in possession of long locks, please please please step away from the glue and put the hair extensions down, you’re not fooling anybody with those rats’ tails hanging out the bottom of your real hair. They spell one thing – tacky!

Finally whatever your hair style, spring is the perfect time to replenish your hair’s beauty. You’ve stopped partying so hard, you’ve done your detox, and you’ve lost your winter pounds – don’t forget your crowning glory, it deserves as much care and attention as the rest of you.

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