Shopping for Summer Sun Protection

Summer is a time of fun and frolic — lots of sunning and swimming to be done! However, summer can be a dangerous time of year for your skin, especially if you don’t properly protect yourself with sunscreen.

Summer skincare routines can vary depending on skin type. If your skin is oily, then you may experience more breakouts than usual. If your skin is dry, the heat could prove even more drying.

When choosing a sunscreen for your face, take your skin type into consideration. For oily skin, choose sunscreen that’s designed not to clog pores or cause breakouts. Good choices are sunscreens in mist or spray form, which are naturally light. You can also try a sunblock made for children’s sensitive skin. One good, economical choice is SunSense Toddler Milk SPF 50 Roll On, available for around £5.99.

For dry skin, you’ll need a protective, moisturizing formula. Check out Bergaderm Mousse sunscreen, available for purchase at around £11.99. This moisturizing mousse will protect your skin from harmful UV rays while encouraging a good moisture balance.

For that gorgeous summer glow without the risk, why not try a self tanner? Choosing the right self tanner is easy when you understand what you need for your particular skin type and colour. If you’ve got oily skin, try a light mist, milk or gel. Some good choices are: Clarins Self Tanning Milk and Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel.

For any skin type, including dry, check out Fake Bake products such as Beyond Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion Plus Scented with Rosewater for around £20. This self tanning line is a popular choice that’s used by celebrities worldwide.

To get the most realistic sunless tan possible, you’ll need to exfoliate first. Try Proto-col Instant Body Bliss, a blend of fragrant natural oils and Dead Sea salt. Or make your own by mixing essential oils with sea salt. You can also try blending brown sugar with olive oil for an inexpensive scrub that smells great and does the trick!

To prevent dark spots on rough patches like knees and elbows, try moisturizing after exfoliation but before self tanner application. One great choice is Beyond Bronze Gin-U-Wine Layered Oil Spray. At only £6.00, this amazing product smoothes rough areas and allows your sunless tan to develop evenly.

Now that you know how to protect and nurture your skin this summer, what are you waiting for? Coat yourself with sunblock and get bronzed with a self tanner. Then get out there and have fun!

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