Shopping for School Uniforms

Shopping for school uniform can be as painful as pulling teeth while standing on hot coals, especially when you take your lil darlings with you on your expedition into what can feel like a war zone.

You do not want to leave it to the last minute, when all the other parents are grabbing the items off the shelves and running for the hills, I mean tills. Shopping early can save a lot of tears and tantrums, from the parents at least.

Personally, I’m a great believer in shopping online. You can tick a few boxes, click a couple of times on your mouse, and hey presto just like magic in a few working days you have everything you need for your kids to start school (who needs Harry Potter?).

There are some great online versions of the high street stores, and here are some I would recommend.

BHS School Shop is really good for all your basics, and the price is right as well. You can get entire school outfits for under a tenner.

Marks and Spencer has a great online store, with the good quality clothing you would expect. “This is not just any school shirt…this is an M&S school shirt.”

Littlewoods has a good range of clothing, with free delivery, and as we know, every little helps, especially when you have an entire brood to buy uniform for.

Woolworths has a selection of uniforms online, and often has special offers and deals, though I admit that to get the pretty little summer dresses with the lovely ruffles and bow detail you have to venture into, horror of horrors, the actual shop!

Adams offers really nice school wear, at reasonable prices and made from good quality materials, with 20% off your first order and free delivery when you spend over 25 pounds.

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