Shoe Trends to Die For (Literally?)

For the last couple of seasons, footwear fashion has been kind to us. We’ve had ugg boots which were as comfortable as slippers, pirate boots which you could wear for days without taking off, pumps which you can dance all night in without the need for gel inserts, and roman sandals that never blistered.

Well, it’s payback time! Shoes are calling out for blood and they want it now. It’s the return of the skyscraper heel.

Remember when spike heels came back in? They made us look leaner and sophisticated and we swore blindly that we would never wear another wedge heel. Wedges were dirty, reminded us of the spice girls, and gave us a clunky almost clumsy look. Oh, what a difference a couple of seasons makes. Wedges are firmly back in the stores and back onto our precious feet.

Chloe, Dolce and Gabbana and Donna Karan all featured wedges in their catwalk shows this season. From bright pink pvc, to natural tones and muslin straps, wedges were the finishing touch to nearly all the latest trends on the runways, whether teamed with thigh scraping minis or floaty dresses.

The great thing about wedges, besides the fact that they go with everything, is although they look clunky, they are actually easier to walk in than skinny heels. Your weight is more evenly distributed across your foot and pressure is alleviated from just being on your heel. So although they aren’t as sophisticated looking, your walk might look a little less like you really need to use the loo (that’s my high heel walk, which negates the fact that I am wearing sexy heels).

But if you promised that you weren’t going to wear wedges again, and aren’t as fickle as I am and actually mean what you say, then you’ll be seeking a wedge alternative. If you are then no sleek stilettos please, they are a definite no no no! NO!

The only way forward would be chunky-heel platforms for spring’s no-frills silhouette. The chunkier the better. Burberry, Donna Karan and Gucci had chunky heels pitter pattering down their runways in patent, pvc, duck egg blue and lizard skin. All the high street designers will be putting out copies in the shops so don’t be a wallflower when it comes to your feet this season. Make your feet feel like they are starring in the rocky horror show.

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