Pilot, Fashion on a Budget

Pilot is an excellent shop for the younger(ish) woman on a budget.

Easily affordable clothes for going out that you can wear a couple times and when your bored of them, it’s not like you spent a fortune, just get more!

I’m always tempted into the store by all the lovely colours they seem to have on display. Lots of clothes for going out clubbing, or nights on the town.

Pilot have all the latest fashions, from little dresses, skirts and tops, to work and leisure wear. They often have special offers or buy one get one half price, which means you can have four or six items, surely that saves you money, as the more you spend the more you save?

So pop into Pilot if you fancy something new for that night out or hot date, or just to cheer yourself up as you don’t have a night out or a hot date.

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