Buying That Once in a Lifetime Dress

You know the one. It’s for a wedding, a prom, a cruise or a fantastic party. You’ll never wear it again but you want to look stunning. Unfortunately, you don’t have £180 to spend on it. So what do you do?

  1. You go to an online auction site.
  2. You have a look at the fantastic dresses on sale that others have spent a fortune on only to never wear (poor things!).
  3. You DON’T spend more than £40 including postage and packaging because if you are going to spend that much you might as well go to a high street shop where you can take it back if it doesn’t look right.
  4. You shortlist the dresses you like by placing them on your watchlist. Stick a lot on, you can always remove them later.
  5. Had a long enough look? Ok, now it’s time to trim down your shortlist. Go to your watchlist and review your selection. Delete those that are too expensive, not quite right, have imperfections, and so on.
  6. You should now have a few left on your watchlist that you really, really like. Make a note of which one you like the most.
  7. If the one you are most interested in is ending soonest then it’s easy. Simply put it on your bid sniper or place an auto bid on the auction site up to your maximum bid. Think carefully about your maximum bid, place it and then leave it alone. Do not get into a bidding frenzy and up the bid or you’ll end up spending far too much.
  8. If you win the dress, congratulations! Pay, wait for it to arrive and then be the belle of the ball.
  9. Didn’t win it? Don’t worry, you have a few others waiting in reserve on your watchlist. Choose your favourite one and go through the maximum bid process again.
  10. If you have shortlisted 2 or more dresses that are ending within a few hours of each other you will either need to keep a careful eye on them or use a bid sniper that allows one bid to be contingent on another. That way you can bid on several but you’ll only end up buying one. The auction sites themselves do not offer this handy feature.

Got the dress? Now all you need are shoes and a bag. Then you can hop in your carriage and enjoy your night as a princess. Oh, and don’t forget that you can simply sell the dress again when you’re done. If you paid the right price you might even end up making a profit!

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