Make Up Tips for the Rest of Us


If you are a natural beauty, read no further. But chances are, you’re not. If you’re anything like the average girl you have bits about you that you like and bits that don’t make the grade, regardless of whether it’s all in your head or you truly are minging.

Thankfully, there are plenty of make up tricks that you can use to accentuate the good, play up the mediocre, and hide the just plain ugly. Here are some tips that cover the main problems:

Small Lips:
Dark colours are a no no for small lips. You know how you wear black trousers on your fat days to appear slimmer? The same applies for your lips.

Light colours and light diffusing glosses are the way forward. Choose anything from natural coloured to pink or peachy shades. Start off using a light glowing powder (I use a gold eye shadow) and trace the outer line of the top lip to give you a highlight. Then use a liner to trace around the edge (not too far from the edge, we don’t want to look like Jodie Marsh) use a long staying lipstick like Lipfinity. Then finish with a light and shimmering gloss like Bourjois.

Small Eyes:
Avoid putting colour on your rims, this makes your eyes shrink down. Instead use a white liner to make the eye appear larger. Don’t use black liners, stick to dark browns and use them on the outer corners and above the upper lashes. Again, try and stick to outer corners so you don’t ‘close’ the eye down.

Gold and beige are great for putting in the inner corners and will make your eyelids appear bigger, especially if they have a shimmer.

False Lashes
do wonders, but if you are afraid of gluing your eyes together then at the minimum use a lash curler and several hundred coats of mascara.

Cheek Bones:
Never go for the eighties sculptured look, but you can achieve higher looking cheekbones with some clever shading. Use a bronzer all over the face to start with, then use a round tip blush brush to apply a light pink blush and put it on the apple of your cheek. Then if you are still not satisfied use a highlighter like Mac Highbeam (tried and tested by Victoria Beckham) on the highest part of your cheekbones.

Now you’ve got your eyes, lips and cheekbones covered, here are some quick tips for the rest of you:
•    Place dots of foundation on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Rub in well with either your fingers or a make-up sponge. I find fingers work best.
•    Use make-up brushes to apply your eye shadow and abandon those tiny brushes that come with your cosmetics. BodyShop brushes are the best I have found unless you are willing to fork out for Mac brushes.
•    If you have an olive complexion, avoid shades of gray.
•    Eyebrow powdered shadows are better than liners for filling in your brows.
•    If you have a large conk, create a shadow effect. Use a dark foundation or powder and apply it down the sides of your nose. Highlight the centre of your nose by using a lighter colour powder.
•    If you have a pale complexion, stay away from bright, vibrant colours.

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