Fashion Tips for Every Occasion – For Men

For men, it’s often harder to come up with fashionable ensembles for different occasions than it is for women. If you’re a man seeking ways to look pulled together, perhaps even stylish, for any occasion, then read on! If you’re a woman trying to encourage your man to dress a little more stylishly, then these tips can help you too.

Start with a clean shave. No matter how fashionable the clothes you’re wearing are, you’re not going to look pulled together if you’re in need of a haircut or shave. Although men’s hairstyles and facial hair choices are certainly more creative than they used to be, it’s important to project a well-groomed image. A scraggly beard is not designer stubble.

Don’t be afraid of patterns. Patterns are perfect for men’s wear for formal or casual events, if you wear them in the right way. Start small, with a patterned necktie. Or go with neutral slacks, solid blazer, solid tie, but patterned shirt. There are many different ways to work eye-catching patterns into your wardrobe without looking like a clown.

Colour is another thing you need to feel comfortable with. Try a colourful tie if you’re shy with bright’s, and keep the rest of your ensemble neutral. To look polished in a hurry, match your tie to your shirt for a stylish monochromatic look. Try deep wine, royal blue, or hunter green.

When choosing what to wear for formal occasions, stick with the classics. Suits in dark colours like black and navy are always good choices. Add interest with a bright handkerchief or vibrant tie. A formal occasion is usually not the time to try a new fashion choice! If choosing what to wear on your wedding day, follow the appropriate groom’s dress code for wedding ceremonies and reception.

Now, when choosing what to wear for casual occasions, you can be a bit more creative. One trendy idea is to make good use of layers. For a put-together look that can take you most anywhere, combine your favorite jeans with a solid or striped Oxford shirt, then top with a trendy short sleeved tee.

For more ideas, look through a menswear catalogue or fashion magazine. Many runway looks can be modified to work for real life. Get creative and find ways to incorporate today’s trends into your lifestyle. Fashion may not be on every man’s top ten list, but by understanding the basics, any man can look great in a hurry.

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