Cosmetic Surgery for Feet – A Step too Far?

We’ve all been there, and on a regular basis. Those gorgeous heels that cost a week’s wages and are puuurfect for your outfit are real foot killers. You end the night limping, bleeding, oozing or going barefoot. It’s the same the world over; women’s shoes just aren’t always made for walking, from the extreme Chinese foot binding customs of olden times to the less drastic 6 inch heels of today.

You do have a few options, you can a: wear comfortable shoes (yeah right) b: get gel inserts to cushion the blow or c: get plastic surgery for your feet.

There are a few different procedures you can opt for, from collagen injections to the balls of your feet to toe amputation to make it easier to fit into your favourite Jimmy Choos. Now some people have problem feet that do need surgery, but there is a difference between that and cosmetic procedures.

Personally I think that’s going too far, especially as footwear fashion changes constantly, and what are you going to do if a designer comes up with six toed sandals? Have one of your fingers grafted on to your foot to keep up with fashion trends? Are designers laughing at us behind the backs of our feet? Seeing just what lengths we will go to? Perhaps if we stopped buying foot torture chambers designers would create gorgeous heels with an emphasis on comfort? We can only hope.

Gel inserts, Party Feet etc, are made to go inside your heels, to take the pressure off a bit, though most of us have had one come loose at one time or another, giving the chicken fillet effect to our feet.

So what is the answer? Are we doomed to a life of blisters and bunions, or will we wizen up, lose some of our vanity and go for flatties, or instead go the whole hog and get an extreme cosmetic make-over for our feet. For now I think I will stick to a bit of hobbling, try some new gel pads and pray for heels to go out of fashion so I can pull out the slippers.

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