Changing Style Without Breaking the Bank

I have never worn brown in my life, so I thought that it might be nice to try something new. But new is scary and when you’ve got nothing in your wardrobe that would match, it’s also expensive. And what if it bombs and I look drab and dull in brown?

How do I go about trying a new colour or style without spending a fortune? I cheat, of course. There are hundreds of women who have already tried that colour or style and decided it didn’t fit/wasn’t right. And their loss is my gain.

You’ll find most of the failed style change attempts end up on an online auction such as Totalbids or Ebay. All I have to do is spend a bit of couch time surfing the auctions to find what I’m after, make sure the prices are decent and wait for my new style to arrive in the post.

The one thing to be careful of is the prices. You want to buy from people who have bought the garment for themselves and then found it didn’t work and so they’re trying to make a £ or two back by selling it. You don’t usually want to buy from an auction trader as the prices will be much, much higher.

If you’re only in the style speculation phase you want to keep the costs down until you’re sure you like it. This is especially true if, like me, you’re having to build up a whole new section of your wardrobe including skirts, tops and shoes.

The result – I’ve spent about £20 on boots, a skirt, a pair of trousers and a few tops and have decided that, within moderation, I quite like brown. It’s not my favourite but it’s a nice change. And I would never have tried it if it weren’t for the kind hearted auction sellers that spent a fortune on the clothes and then sold them to me for next to nothing!

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