Buying Clothes for Boys

It’s just not fair. I see my sister in law having a fantastic time buying pretty dresses, tops, skirts and outfits in pink, yellow and lilac for her little girl and all I get to choose from are shorts, trousers and t-shirts. And it’s all brown, black, grey and green. BORING!

It’s bad enough in the high street stores but try buying clothes for boys on eBay and you realise that there are some categories that don’t have 5000 sellers. I can find over 1000 dresses in my niece’s size selling today which is only slightly less than the total amount of items listed in boys for my son’s size.

And you can forget car boots or charity shops. By the time an item of boys clothing hits the tarmac it’s been so well worn it’s not much good for anything. This is in stark contrast to girls clothes which can often be passed down to several sisters before wearing out.

On and offline, new or used – the choice for boys clothes is strictly limited.

So what can you do? Well, first of all it bothers me more than him that all he has is track suits, shorts, t-shirts and school uniforms. He actually likes it that way and is more than happy to wear the same thing again and again. I would expect that a lot of boys feel the same. And this is probably why there isn’t the huge range of styles and colours for boys as there is for girls. There simply isn’t the demand.

So the first thing to do is calm down, buy your niece or friend’s daughter a dress just for the fun of it and then have a look at what is on offer for your little prince.

Next is my favourite for boys clothes as they stay looking tidy even after several washes and have plenty of wear in the knees. I also shop in M&S and every once in a while pay a visit to BHS. Adams used to be a favourite but they’ve closed quite a few branches and as my son is getting older they have less for him now than when he was a toddler.

My son is on the lean side so although I’ve tried I can’t find items that fit right from the mail order shops such as Additions, Choice and Littlewoods. It’s a shame as all of the UK catalogue shops sell online and all have designer children’s clothing at decent prices as well as bargain basement prices for everyday wear.

A total shock was when I, in desperation, deigned to enter Bwise. They’re selling NafNaf clothing for children. It’s hard to find the size you want and you do have to dig but the NafNaf clothing in there is a fantastically good buy. Trousers for £5, nice layer look shirts for £3, tracksuit trousers for £4. I was very pleased and went back (had to go back, took several trips before they had the items I wanted in his size).

If you have the money I would think that Gap would be a good choice. I cannot personally bring myself to shop there for my son as he goes through his knees so fast. And if he does manage to wear trousers for a few weeks without the knees wearing out he outgrows them instead!

So I stock up in the Next and M&S sales, usually getting the size he is now and the one above. And I pop into Bwise every once in a while to see what they’ve got. Adams is still visited although I think he’s almost too big, which is a shame as they have very nice children’s clothing. I check eBay for unwanted gifts or things that were outgrown before being worn. I don’t even bother getting him anything second hand as it’s just not worth it. Of course, he’s blissfully unaware of my efforts, all he knows is that the drawers have “stuff in them”.

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