America’s Next Top Model – Cat fights on the Cat Walk

I’m addicted to America’s Next Top Model, created by Tyra Banks. Young hopefuls battle it out for a modelling contract, pitted against each other in a Big Brother style house with tasks to achieve and contests to win. Watching these beautiful girls scheme, plot, cry and argue is just too much entertainment, and add to that the show’s judging panel and you will either be rolling about laughing or cringing in embarrassment.

Tyra seems to get more outlandish with each series, or ‘cycle’ as she calls it. I feared for her sanity slightly when she play acted a ‘diva’ skit, it really was a case of perhaps a white coat may suit you best.

Twiggy, ‘fashion icon and living legend’ is down to earth, while the shows Miss J. Alexander, a very talented cat walk coach, flounces about in alarming outfits certainly not flattering to his frame. Nigel Barker, famed photographer and former (hot, oh yes) model, adds a good balance.

It’s a fairly simple formula, put thirteen girls into a house, chosen from thousands of contestants, send them on fashion shoots each week, have them compete for things from 32k worth of jewellery to a days pampering, then weekly evictions for the girl who performed the worst.

Eviction day heralds more tears and tantrums, with the panel of judges giving each girl a critique, then Tyra dramatically holding a pile of photographs, with the girl who is being sent back not being in the pack. Lots of tense action, generally with smirking models who know they are ‘safe’ crossing their fingers that their nemesis will be evicted, and the loser dropping to the floor or hugging everyone in tears.

The show does deal with important issues, such as bulimia and anorexia, and I’m happy to report that you do see most of the girls eating healthily. So if you enjoy reality TV mixed with gorgeous fashion shoots, this could be the show for you. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, it really is handbags at dawn and a saucer of milk for table two, meow!

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