A Bra isn’t Just a Bra

You can buy a bra in any high street shop, from any catalogue shop and most online clothing stores. That’s not the hard part. The difficult part is knowing which one to pick.

There are a wide variety of styles to choose from, each one claiming to do something fantastic and some of them actually doing it.

The Wonderbra for example is indeed wonderful. Although some of the styles just don’t work for me and actually seem to do the opposite of what they’re supposed to.

Could this be because I’m wearing the wrong size? Maybe. It could also be because everyone wants something different and nowadays there are at least 50 bras in various colours to cater for any task.

Do you want the bra to give you support, make your chest look bigger, more “perky”, cover everything, be part of the outfit (i.e.: diamante bra straps), be part of a matching set that you can show off “later”, push you up, squash them together, work with a strapless dress, go with a halterneck top, on an on the list goes.

Choosing a bra is now a sophisticated shopping adventure. The best bet is to try one of each major style (strapless, balconette, support/sports, push up) and decide which does/doesn’t suit you. Try on tons and remember that sizes will vary with the style and designer. Then move on to the more advanced selections such as which looks best with various outfits.

Tight shirts do not always look great with padded bras, balconnette bras may be a better choice than push up bras for certain styles of tops and dresses.

And colour does matter. There are times when you want the bra to be seen. So make sure the colour is right (a black bra under a pink shirt is neither classy nor sexy). If you often want to show a bit of bra then buy a slightly cheaper variety so you can buy them in several colours to match your wardrobe.

You don’t have to have 100, just enough to go with the main colours: black, red, pink, light blue, light green or mint, white, beige… pink with tiny flowers and ribbon straps, denim with diamantes, burgundy with gold thread, oyster with silver tassels… I think I might have too many bras.

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